My name is Sabrina. This blog is about a 10 minute documentary that I am making for as an Visual Anthropology Project. We could choose on every imaginable subject. I decided to do my film on buskers in Canterbury.

I am an Erasmus exchange student at the University of Kent. Maybe because I was and still am a stranger in this place I experience Canterbury in a different way. For me everything I saw was exiting and new. So it is not surprising that one thing I really liked and appreciated from the very beginning was all the music I heard in High Street. The buskers use to make me escape from the mad rush every day for at least some minutes. That is the reason why I wanted to find out who the people are who do me that favor. And this is how the idea for the film developed.

Anthropologically interesting for me was if buskers have a certain lifestyle. Are they a special kind of persons? Are there similarities between them? Or are they ‘just’ all music lovers who want to share their music with the rest of the world.

In case you want to contact me: sp459@kent.ac.uk


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