Busking in other countries

It is very interesting to read about busking in different countries or places. In the place where I grew up (which is about the size of Canterbury) musicians are not allowed to play longer than half an hour in the same place. They also need a permission to play there, which they get from the city council (perhaps…). Therefore you won’t find a lot of buskers playing there. It is probably different in other places in Germany. But also in the city in which I study you hardly find any buskers.
The buskers I worked with told me that Canterbury is special for them. Because buskers do not need a permission to play and they can stay as long as they want.
It seems different again in Japan. I just found a blog from someone who went to Japan. It seems to be very common that bands (who are sometimes already famous) play on the streets.
But read what he has to say:


It would be really interesting to find out how it is in other countries. I will keep my eyes open on my future travels!


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